About us

All American Restoration is a unique mold remediation and environmental clean-up company.

All American Restoration is operated by Michael Rubino, educator, mold expert and author of “The Mold Medic“. Together with the Director of Operations, Jeffrey Nowitzke, All American Restoration has curated a company that is unparalleled in the Mold Remediation space.


All American Restoration’s process is three times as thorough compared to the national standard of Mold Remediation and has a guaranteed success rate in improving conditions of a home beyond the standards of a normal ecology as outlined below. Using engineering controls, building science, and fine particulate remediation, All American Restoration is able to guarantee elimination of Mycotoxins, Endotoxins, and reduce total spore accumulation as evident in EPA 36, ERMI, or HERTSMI to levels considered by doctors across the country as safe to inhabit for persons with CIRS or other Immunocompromised individuals.


In 2019, Richard Rubino joined All American as a Regional Manager bringing over 25 years of construction experience to identify building busts and provide recommendations during reconstruction to keep the environment protected long after we are gone.  You’ll be pleased to know that All American Restoration finds that doing our own mold testing is a huge conflict of interest and accepts any third party testing company of your choosing for pre and post test validation.


With All American Restoration you can expect:

  1. Free Estimates for all projects of any size.
  2. Comprehensive scope of work with optimum recommendations to restore your home.
  3. Comprehensive discussion of the scope of work to finalize details and ensure that the scope of work meets your expectations in terms of budget, efficiency, and success.
  4. Preliminary meetings to discuss all aspects of the project including HVAC, Mold Remediation, Reconstruction, and fine particulate cleaning.
  5. Pre-start walk through going over the details of the project once more prior to the project start date.
  6. Constant communication with Project Managers including picture messaging, emails, text messages, and phone calls to provide peace of mind regarding what we uncover from start to finish.
  7. Final walk through at project completion once the project is safe to enter with you and your General Contractor to discuss the transition from remediation to construction upon receipt of post test verification from the third party testing company.
  8. All American guarantees all post testing results from any third party licensed hygienist and laboratory.  Should the results indicate more work is needed on the scope of work performed, All American Restoration will come back at no additional charge.

It is important to let you know that we are licensed, certified, and insured to take on your project.

All American Restoration Corporation BBB Business Review

CMRS Certified, Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certified Member of IAQA, IICRC, ACAC, & A+ Rating BBB

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