About us

All American Restoration is a unique mold remediation and environmental clean-up company.

Our teams are lead by Jeff Nowitzke and Michael Rubino who understand mold from both a biology and building science standpoint. There are major differences when comparing our company with others. From a project standpoint: We implement controls using building science strategy to eliminate the sources, remove the by-products, and deliver you solutions to disrupt the conditions for mold to grow in your home. For a lot of companies, their main goal is to remove what meets the eye. While that could work for some, it doesn’t for many Americans struggling with mold exposure. While we cannot change the outlook of other companies, we can start changing the statistics by setting standards of our own.

While we strive to remain competitive in the marketplace, we are never willing to cut corners as a way to save costs. If there is a problem with your home, we will deliver the best solution to correct that problem. We do not provide “bandages” to a solution in an effort to meet your budget. While these “bandages” might seem attractive financially at first, once the bandage falls off it could leave you with a recurring problem (often costing more in the long run than the original long-term solution). It’s our duty to inform you in order to fight the temptation of choosing the “bandage” solutions that fall short of offering you a long-term solution.

It is important to let you know that we are licensed, certified, and insured to take on your project.

CMRS Certified, Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certified Member of IAQA, IICRC, ACAC, & A+ Rating BBB

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