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Analyzing what species of mold you have present in your home, where they are located, and if bacteria was present in the water intrusion is paramount to developing a proper plan to improve your air quality.  For this reason, All American Restoration only works with clients that have proper testing done.  Testing lays out the ground work to identify the proper scope of work that’s necessary to help you and your family.  Without this road map, anyone would be operating in uncharted waters without a compass. We have a strong policy that we do not take on any project that we firmly believe we don’t have the tools necessary to solve your problem.  If you’re contacting us, odds are you have a specific problem you need to solve.  For some, it’s a family member that is having severe adverse health reactions that they want to improve.  For others, they’re concerned about their general health and wellness after a dramatic water damage occurrence.  Whatever the case may be, there are now environmental contaminants that need to be removed.  If we don’t have the optics to know where the problems are definitively, no one will be able to fully address the contaminants that can cause these adverse health reactions. 

Let me give you two scenarios to further explain this. In scenario one, we observe a family who recently had her son come back home from college.  While their son was away, they had some maintenance issues that allowed water and moisture to intrude.  It only happened during heavy rains and there was not much water and things dried up fairly quickly, or so they thought.  They didn’t see any mold on the surface anywhere and so they assumed everything was okay.  The husband and wife did not notice much impact to their health, however, they did mention that sometimes they get winded more easily and experience some fatigue here and there.  They had no idea they had a problem until their son had come back home. Without analyzing the types of molds present, the quantities present, if spores had made their way into the HVAC system, if there are mycotoxins present, bacteria present by testing for negative gram bacteria (endotoxins), actinomycetes, etc. We will not be able to adopt the proper protocol to restore this home to pre-existing conditions (prior to the water intrusion) that would restore the optimum indoor air quality. Finding a testing company that will do a deep dive and properly inspect all areas of the home for water, moisture, and mold contamination is key.  This is not to be confused by taking an air sample in the middle of each room.  A proper inspection should take several hours and have a good mixture of testing methodologies to determine the presence and location of mold as well as determining if there are other environmental contaminants such as biotoxins or bacteria present. 

A good resource to learn more about testing and remediation is on our affiliate’s podcast called Mold Finder’s Radio, Episode: 43


A good resource to learn more about testing, the importance of testing, and how you can educate your local mold testing company on how you’d like to test, please visit our affiliate’s masterclass


Below are our mold inspector partners that we recommend to our clients. 

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Licensed in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania

CMRS Certified, Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certified Member of IAQA, IICRC, ACAC, & A+ Rating BBB

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