Bacteria & Toxins Remediation

Before learning about remediation methods, take the time to check out our educational page on bacteria and toxins. 

After reading, you’ll know that bacteria and their byproducts are environmental contaminants that can cause adverse health reactions. Unfortunately, they can’t be remediated in the same way that mold is, and it often goes overlooked in many professional’s treatment protocols. If bacteria remain in a home after remediation, adverse health reactions can continue. That’s why you should always look for a company that includes bacteria remediation in its treatment protocol.

Our Bacteria Remediation Strategy 

At All American Restoration, we use particular home detox cleaning procedures that take care of environmental contaminants like bacteria. This process, unlike many other companies, doesn’t get rid of bacteria by spraying or fogging an area. 

Think of it like washing your hands. You don’t just spray antibacterial soap on and hope for the best. You scrub them vigorously while singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice to make sure all of the bacteria is gone! 

Bacteria remediation protocols should be similarly styled (minus the birthday song).

Below are descriptions of the two categories of Home Detox services we offer that cater specifically to bacteria and their byproducts.

Keep in mind that these treatments are used specifically for hard surfaces like countertops; softer surfaces, like couches, require a different approach. 

bacteria remediation

Home Detox Level 2

We perform a thorough 3-stage wipe down of all exposed surfaces in the home. It guarantees the elimination of bacteria present on any and all non-porous (or hard) surfaces and a reduction of biotoxins by 80% or more. If we test again after treatment and we don’t hit that mark, we’ll do the process again at no additional charge! Again, your health is what’s important to us. (Average time of completion is 3-5 days depending on the size of the home)

Home Detox Level 3

This bacteria remediation process involves going into drawers, cabinets, and appliances. Basically, we detail every square inch of your home with the 3-stage wide down process. We guarantee the elimination of bacteria and all biotoxins with this protocol. We also guarantee a decrease in mold presence that will pass any mold inspector’s standards. Again, if your home doesn’t pass inspection, we’ll come back at no additional charge to finish the job. (Average time of completion is 5-10 days depending on the size of the home)

Contents Cleaning 

What about non-porous surfaces like clothing and couches? There are cleaning processes for that as well if you’re looking to personally tackle a contamination problem.

For items that can be machine-washed, use detergents like EC3 Laundry Additive to help ensure the bacteria and contaminants are treated.

bacteria remediation

For porous and non-porous surfaces, you should use the 3-stage wide down process. We also suggest these steps as well: 

    1. Hepa vacuuming the fabric furniture first to make sure all of the dirt, dust, mold, and other particles are removed.
    2. Spray potentially contaminated surfaces with products like the EC3 disinfectant.
    3. Rub in the disinfectant uniformly to avoid spots.
    4. Wait 5-10 minutes for the disinfectant to dissolve into the fabric and suspend the dirt and oils. Then wipe this residue way using a clean microfiber cloth.
    5. Allow the fabric to dry completely to prevent more moist environments that microorganisms can grow in.

All American Restoration also offers a service to clean the contents of your home at an hourly rate. On move-in day, we’ll create a cleaning area outside of your home and clean your belongings before they go inside. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that your things are contaminate-free in your new home!

Please note that each doctor and regiment is different. We ask that you consult with your doctor and licensed inspector to discuss the levels of mold found in your home before inquiring about services to remove these toxins.


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