Bacteria & Toxins Remediation

If you haven’t already checked out educational page on bacteria and toxins, please do so by clicking here.  As you now know, bacteria and its byproducts are also potential environmental contaminants that can cause adverse health reactions.  It’s something many remediation professionals miss when embarking on a project.  The way you clean up bacteria and its byproducts differs greatly from the way you remediate a source of mold.  As you may know from reading our educational and remediation pages on mold and mycotoxins, a standard remediation is missing on two crucial pillars of what we consider the optimum remediation strategy.  In this instance, our home detox cleaning procedures are what will capture environmental contaminants such as bacteria, endotoxins, exotoxins, and actinobacteria. Without those home detox cleaning process, bacteria and its byproducts could be left behind.  As we know, bacteria isn’t removed by spraying or fog applying a product.  When you wash your hands, you don’t just mist them with anti-bacterial soap.  It’s the agitation process of rubbing your hands together that helps remove most of the bacteria.  As a result, our Level 2 and Level 3 Home Detox process is the best practice to combat a contamination where bacteria and its byproducts are present.  Below are the two categories of Home Detox services we offer that cater to bacteria and its byproducts.

Bacteria and its byproducts can also impact your contents in close proximity to where the bacteria was present. With this in mind, it’s important to consider cleaning of contents using our 3-stage wipedown process for non-porous contents and washing with a detergent like “EC3 Laundry Additive” for any machine washable goods.  In terms of removing bacteria and its byproducts from porous and semi-porous furniture, we make the following recommendations:

  1. Hepa vacuuming the fabric furniture first to ensure you are removing dirt, dust, mold, and another particles from the furniture.
  2. Use a product like EC3 disinfectant spray to spray the potentially contaminated furniture to disinfect the surface.
  3. Rub in the disinfectant uniformly to avoid spots and uneven drying patterns.  Then wait five to ten minutes for the disinfectant to dissolve into the fabric and suspend the dirt and oils.  Wipe the residue away from the surface using a clean microfiber cloth. Allow the fabric to dry completely to prevent a moist environment where microorganisms can grow.

These will not only kill most viruses and bacteria but will rinse and remove suspended soils from the fabric.

In most cases where bacteria is present, there are other environmental contaminants of concern where it is recommended to hire a professional.  Below are our services relative to Bacteria and its byproducts:

  1. Free Education and Prevention guiding you through the process on improving the health and wellness of your family by creating an optimum air quality environment.
  2. Remediation services following our three pillar philosophy in building a better environment.
  3. Innovative Home Detox Solutions to remove contamination and improve your air quality.
  4. Contents Cleaning to remove mold and mycotoxins from your contents.

While you may have read about our Home Detox Level 1 service that is included with our mold remediation process, this is not a recommended process where there is bacteria, endotoxins, mycotoxins, or actinobacteria present.  For that reason, we are going to discuss only the relevant services in a Home Detox Level 2 and 3.

Home Detox Level 2

We perform a thorough 3-stage wipe down of all exposed surfaces of the home.  It guarantees to eliminate bacteria present on any and all non-porous surfaces and a reduction of total accumulation by 80% or more of any biotoxins or we do it again at no additional charge. (Average time of completion 3-5 days depending on the size of the home).

Home Detox Level 3

Taking things to the highest level, we have our premier process.  A level 3 Home Detox goes into drawers, cabinets, and appliances, detailing every single square inch of your home with our proven 3-stage wipedown process. With this we can guarantee elimination of bacteria and all biotoxins and guarantee a reduction of the ten-fold mold presence found in ERMI/HERTSMI/EPA36 to unparalleled levels guaranteeing a pass by any mold inspector’s standards. If for any reason it does not pass, we repeat the process at no additional charge to you. (Average time of completion 5-10 days depending on the size of the home).

Contents Cleaning

Because when we first visit your home, we don’t yet know how many contents will need to be cleaned.  We offer our contents cleaning at an hourly rate and is done on “Move-in Day”. When the house is completely reconstructed, clean, and ready for move in, we will stage a cleaning area outside your home and clean your contents as they’re brought inside. You are billed an all-inclusive hourly figure that includes labor and materials so that you only pay for what you use with no hourly minimums. 

Please note that each doctor and regiment is different. We ask that you consult with your doctor and licensed inspector to discuss the levels of mold found in your home before inquiring about services to remove these toxins from your home.