Our Core Values

All American Restoration is a unique environmental clean-up company that operates differently from traditional mold remediation companies.

Mission statement

To help transform individuals lives by improving their environment.

We believe that the environment plays an integral role in our overall health and wellness. It is often the most overlooked aspect of the improvements individuals and their families make when looking to better their overall health and wellness. Our company strives to educate, remediate, and provide methods to help them prevent indoor pathogens from disrupting their lives. We are a healing organization that utilizes profits to continue to expand our reach and be able to help those in need, creating raving fans for every life we touch.

To learn more about the good we are doing, check out our awareness program “Mold Talks” where we are fighting to create awareness around how poor air quality is disruptive to our health and what we can do about it together.  

Founder and Author Michael Rubino has also created “The Healthy Home Initiative” and is pledging a portion of proceeds that will go towards helping underprivileged communities get the remediation efforts they need utilizing profits as well as government grants and public funding to improve the air quality of the communities that need it the most. 

Our core values:


Putting the needs of our clients and our communities first by being transparent in everything that we do from the sale to the delivery of service.


Putting the needs of our clients and our communities first by having high integrity as a company.  Always proposing the right solution that benefits our communities over any revenue or profit-based decisions.


In a market full of misinformed “professionals”, scam artists, and products that are sold on the guise that they are the “magic solution”, we are providing real value. Our solution is not the cheapest, it isn’t even remotely competitive in the traditional sense in the marketplace.  But we are by far the cheapest in the long run as we provide real solutions that actually solve the environmental problems once and for all.  There’s no gimmicks, there’s no magic solution, it’s roll up your sleeves work with a team that works non-stop both on the front lines and behind the scenes, to ensure we achieve victory at improving your overall wellbeing by a holistic approach at improving the environment around you. 

Healing Organization

Our organization is designed to heal the people we come into contact with.  It starts with the way we treat our employees as heroes as they selflessly put other families first.  We are designed to heal the customers we touch by listening, acknowledging, and analyzing their environment to provide the best solution.  We make a significant impact in the communities we serve by stepping up to the plate in times of crisis. We preserve and restore the ecosystems in which we operate. 


Our organization is constantly thinking forward.  We have evolved our process over the last decade and will continue to do so over the next decade. Our evolution is to continue to provide the best level of service in improving the environments of our communities. To improve our efficiency to lower our costs year over year to be able to help more people and to consistently give back to our communities through education, remediation and prevention platforms. We believe our company is the future of health and wellness as it relates to healthy homes and healthy dwellings.



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