How to Avoid Mold Growth After a Snow storm 

Simple steps to avoid mold growth in your home after a snow storm.

Snow can cause a lot more then a minor travel inconvenience with respect to the damage it can cause to your home. While the outside of your house may look like a Norman Rockwell painting, the drifts of snow you loved as a child have the potential to lead to mold growth in your home.

When the snow load rises past the threshold on doors, it can allow water to intrude into your home as it begins to melt. The same thing goes for the exterior as the snow rests against the house it has the opportunity to protrude underneath the siding into the sill plate creating another opportunity for mold to grow. 

Here’s some pointers on how to avoid mold growth after a snow storm.

Clear away snow or snowdrifts away from exterior doors. As the snow melts, the water will quickly make its way into the door cavity, creating a damp environment ripe for mold growth. Additionally, the temperature contrast between your warm home and the snowy door runs the risk of additional condensation at the doorway.  

Create a pathway around the exterior of the home so there is less opportunity for the high snow load to protrude into the home as it melts. We’ve witnessed firsthand mold growth in basements due to excessive snowmelt around a home.

Ensure downspouts are pointed away from the foundation of your home. You would also want to make sure that your gutters were clean ahead of the storm to ensure snowmelt works its way through the gutters.

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