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All American Restoration are trained experts in hypersensitive mold remediation and removal in your home or business.

We are the only mold remediation firm in the country bold enough to guarantee to restore your property to pre-mold conditions.

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You’ve found the most innovative mold remediation experts in the country.

All American Restoration excels where other low-cost mold remediation firms fail. 

We are both licensed & certified to perform all aspects of any mold remediation project. Using botanical products, engineering controls, and building science, we remove mold, its by-products and other harmful pollutants, safely and effectively from your home. Our mold remediation and removal process will remove the root cause of your mold issues, not just temporarily cover up the issue.

We’re one of the few companies nationwide that has scientifically been proven, through independent laboratory testing, to remove mycotoxins (a toxic by-product of certain molds).

What Are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by microfungi that are capable of causing disease and death in humans and other animals. Because of their pharmacological activity, some mycotoxins or mycotoxin derivatives have found use as antibiotics, growth promotants, and other kinds of drugs; still others have been implicated as chemical warfare agents.

Medically advised, technologically advanced mold remediation.

All American Restoration continually consults with Mold, Lyme, and Immunosuppressive Specialists in the medical community to create tailor-made product lists for each unique project. We continuously take training courses to expand our knowledge base in hypersensitive mold remediation.

Our experience in working with mold related sensitivities and health conditions has made us a top recommendation from Functional Medicine Doctors nationwide.

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  • 5 star review  Mike , Jim and the crew were so caring ,professional and went above and beyond to help restore our home from toxic mold. They answered all our questions and... read more

    thumb Teresa Hall

    5 star review  All American is a very professional organization. Polite, clean, and respectful. They treated my home like their own. The remediation performed was very well done. Their experience with... read more

    thumb al rabin

    5 star review  Bar none, the top mold remediation outfit I have encountered. We had a water leak several years ago and used a .... lets just cal them a chain of mold... read more

    thumb P J
  • 5 star review  If you need remediation, All American is the only one to use. They are quick to respond, sensitive to situations and diligent with their work (they follow strict protocols, which... read more

    thumb Julie Redfern

    5 star review  The sale of my residence was dependent on a new roof. Within a one week timeframe, my new roof was scheduled and completed in time for Closing. ... read more

    thumb Linda Carde

    5 star review  Jeff and his extremely professional crew came to clean a 500 square foot emergency communications center for me that had not been thoroughly cleaned since it opened. They were... read more

    thumb Dana Spin
  • 5 star review  You can't find a nicer genuine contracting company out there. This is one of our good clients and they communicate well and always pay on time. Our equipment is never... read more

    thumb Justin Hubbard

    5 star review  By far the most thorough, kind, informed group of people you would ever want to work with. We needed whole house remediation and they patiently guided us through every step,... read more

    thumb Marieta Cohen

    5 star review  If you’ve done a lot of research and you are thinking about using All American Restoration, you are making the right decision. If you haven’t done any research and are... read more

    thumb Cristin Lovallo

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Learn more about the in-depth steps All American Restoration takes in our hypersensitive mold remediation process by watching the video below. Michael outlines a comprehensive mold remediation plan. Recorded in February 2020 at the IAQA Convention in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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 Licensed in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania, With Offices in New Jersey & Florida

CMRS Certified, Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certified Member of IAQA, IICRC, ACAC, & A+ Rating BBB

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