Mold Self-Assessment

Do you think you have mold? Use the following checklist as a starting point.

Did you know that mold and other indoor air pollutants are a common cause of unknown health issues? The average person takes 20,000 breaths per day making air the number one factor that can impact our immune systems. Learn more about Particulate Matter from the EPA, the CDC, and the American Lung Association.

While we primarily have focused on outdoor particle pollution, indoor particle pollution offers even greater risk when families are spending more time indoors now than ever before.

Use this mold checklist to determine if you might have mold or other pollutants in your home:

The Obvious Signs

If you answer yes to any of these, we highly recommend you have a mold inspection performed, as it is extremely probable that you have mold in your home.

Not-So-Obvious Mold Signs

Sometimes mold is hidden and not visible. If you’ve check off more then one of the following, there is a strong chance that conditions are ripe for mold growth in your home.

If you’ve been to a few doctors for health concerns and the doctor(s) cannot diagnose the problem, it could be mold related. This is due to the fact that indoor air pollution symptoms are so closely related to a litany of other diagnoses.

If you’ve checked off more than one box in any of the above sections, it is highly recommended that you seek out a mold inspection.

Our policy at All American Restoration is not to take on a mold remediation job without having a third party inspection performed by a licensed third party inspector.

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