Find an Inspection Partner Near You

All American Restoration works with various mold assessors and inspectors to help clients remove mold from their homes.

While it is indeed law in some states to hire a third party assessment company to perform an assessment, it is our company policy. We will not take on a project without a third party mold assessment by a licensed assessment company. While you may be able to visibly see the problem, the mold sources often extend from what the eye can see. We are doing you a disservice if we charge you to remove mold without knowing the full picture. While this may seem like an over-the-top approach with additional costs, we assure you that this is the absolute best practice; in our company the only practice. Please see our sections Mold and Mycotoxins to learn about all of the things that can be missed by the naked eye.


       We have a few quick questions that will help us put together a roadmap to solve or prevent all of your mold problems. Two minutes of your time could lead to better health for you and your family. Your first step to better air quality starts here!