Home Detox Box




For almost a decade, All American Restoration has searched far and wide for the best biological remediation equipment and products, utilized by our field personnel every day during our proven Home Detox process. The Home Detox Box comes with those very products that you can now purchase as a kit and safely use yourself, not only after source area mold remediation has been performed, but for an extremely thorough, deep cleaning once or twice per year, to maintain your newly improved environment and indoor air quality.  The Home Detox Box includes:

  • One HEPA Vacuum with multi-stage filtration system featuring a paper bag, foam filter, and an upstream HEPA filter ensuring you are not recirculating particles back into the air. The HEPA Vacuum runs quietly, has large wheels with a convenient carrying handle making it exceptionally easy to use and maneuver. Quick and simple access to internal parts for easy servicing. The Vacuum is designed with intake filtration. The HEPA filter is located on the intake side of the motor to provide a positive seal (filter drawn toward the motor) with a gasket vacuum to that the air drawn into the machine is expelled through the HEPA filter. The vacuum has a four gallon capacity for even the biggest of cleaning jobs. The vacuum is light weight and requires minimal storage space. The vacuum is 100% HEPA rated and DOP tested.
  • One 500 CFM Air Filtration Device with a HEPA filter media. This unit offers flexible duct options so that it can be used as a negative air machine. Our device has advanced filtration technology and is able to daisy chain up to 3 units on one power outlet providing the capability for 1,500 CFMs per 15-amp circuit. Our devices are stackable, light weight, and easy to transport. It has the capability to provide carbon filtration with purchase of a 1” carbon pre-filter.
  • One box of pre-filters for the Air Filtration Device
  • Two cases of microfiber towels to be used during the Home Detox cleaning procedure
  • Three gallons of Benefect Decon 30 to be used during the Home Detox cleaning procedure (3)
  • Three professional spray bottles to be used to apply the Benefect Decon 30 during the Home Detox cleaning procedure
  • One set of instructions to perform the Innovative Home Detox™

The Home Detox Box will be shipped to your home on several pallets.

Upon receipt of the Home Detox Box, you will receive patent pending trademarked copywritten instructions, for personal use only. Under penalty of intellectual property trademark, you’re not to redistribute this patented process.


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