Home Wellness Inspection




About the Home Wellness Inspection

All American Restoration is proud to present Home Wellness Inspection! This inspection process was specifically designed as a way to help identify potential water situations before they begin to develop and lead to costly mold remediation costs.

Unlike real estate driven inspections, engineering investigations or microbial testing, our Home Wellness Inspection will provide a comprehensive, non-invasive 80 point inspection of the inside and outside of your home. This inspection will identify any potential areas that are known to become weak points of water intrusion. All Home Wellness Inspections are performed by our own in-house trained professionals.

Gathering all of this on-site data, by means of visual inspection, allows us to generate an extremely accurate, outlining all areas of concern throughout the dwelling, that may require either further investigation, potential correction, or immediate action by specifically Licensed Professionals in your local area, all while being presented in clear, concise, simple to understand terms. While we may not have X-ray vision, we certainly can see signs of decay that would allow for water to enter the property and help catch these things before they completely fail.

Why We Offer the Home Wellness Inspection

After helping thousands of families re-enter their home after poor air quality conditions, we at All American Restoration became pioneers in the indoor air quality industry. We not only became one of the best at removing mold, we also discovered tens of thousands of building busts along the way. These building busts have led to countless poor indoor quality conditions in our clients home that required extensive repairs. What if all of these repairs could have been caught prior to them becoming a massive and costly problem?

This is why we created the Home Wellness Inspection.

The All American Restoration Home Wellness Inspection, should be considered a valuable, cost conscious tool, to aid in the understanding of actions that may be necessary to begin getting your home on its path to wellness. Welcome to the All American difference.

Upon booking, a member of our team will contact you to schedule your Home Wellness Inspection.


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