Basement Drainage & Waterproofing Services in All New Jersey

If water runoff is affecting the foundation of your home or structure by constantly accumulating for long periods until it evaporates or seeps down into the foundation, this could seriously compromised the building’s structural integrity and jeopardize the health and well-being of others. A French Drain is a great strategy to collect and channel water in a controlled manner. Whatever your need, we have the water drainage solution for you.

Why Is A Waterproof Basement Important?

Wet foundations are a perfect breeding ground. Mold is a living and toxic organism which does spread quickly through your structure. We have plans to create “flood resistant houses”.

  • Mold is both a trigger and an exasperator for those suffering from asthma.
  • Nearly 30% of all Americans have at least one family member with an allergy.
  • Infections and respiratory problems can also be caused by mold.
Our Supervisors are certified by the American IAQ Council as “Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisors”

Install An Interior Perimeter Baseboard Gutter System

A baseboard drainage system can be placed on top of the floor slab or cut into the juncture of the wall and the floor and concreted in place. The system picks up water draining from wall cracks, the cores of concrete block walls, and the floor/wall intersection, and directs it into a sump pump.

French Drain System

The foundation slab is neatly cut and manually excavated. Material is replace with blue stone, PVC and industrial fabric. Maintaining a pitch of a ¼ per foot, water ushered by gravity to the waiting sump pit where it is pumped from your home.


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